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Kristelle | 19 | asian | in love
I dream of filling the world with strawberries. I'm a quiet girl but once you get to know me I'm a fun loving girl who loves to laugh. I love dancing and playing video games. I'm fond of eating, eating and eating. I'm still a girl inside a womanly body. I am an unretired internet addict.

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strawberries, dancing, hello kitty, manga, anime, fashion, gummy worms, gummy bears, skittles, mickey mouse, combos, chocolates, music, nail polish, summer, beach, city lights, friends, family, boyfriend, FOOD, good books, bb creams, night out, yogurt, mozarella, fruits, veggies, romantic movies, water, tea, LOVE, blogging, cappucino, clothes, pink, doll shoes, stuff animals, stickers.


Nintendo DS
Louis vuitton bag
Polaroid camera
Visit Paris & Disney land
Hello Kitty headset
New converse shoes
New swin suit
Hello Kitty Tote bag
Adidas Jeremy Scott Doll shoes


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What's inside my bag?
Saturday, August 20, 2011

  • Gum. I always carry some gum around in my bag. Sadly, I’m sort of a gum-a-holic.
  • Hello kitty drawing book. Whenever I’m bored, I draw.
  • Rosary. I carry it with me always.
  • Band aids. because I’m clumsy.
  • lollipop. lol. Too cute to eat. >.<”
  • Pencils, ballpen & eraser. I love writing.
  • Bookmark. When I’m reading books.
  • Pantyliner and napkin. Hahaha. Don’t ask why.
  • Cellphone. I don’t like leaving home without my cellphone.
  • Brush. My hair is always messy.
  • Mac liquid eyeliner and mascara. IDK. I just want to bring them.
  • My keys. Well, how can you leave your house without keys, if you plan to lock the door after you. :p
  • Tissue and wet wipes. I always bring tissue in my bag. It’s useful for me to clean up my face or clean up when I get take a pee.
  • Ponytails and clip. During the summer, I put my hair in a flip top bun. My hair is getting longer again. Yay! Not long enough though.
  • Stapler. I know it’s a little strange, but I find it kind of cute so i bought it.
  • Lip balm. I hate when my lips get really chapped. Winter is coming! :)
  • Wallet. i can’t do anything without my wallet.
  • Glasses. I love to take pictures with my nerdy glasses ♥
  • Pouch. heres whats in it: hand sanitizer, earphone, usb, cologne, eye curler, etc.
  • And lastly, HIS picture when he was 12 years old. Hahaha.

             we fall in love with the wrong person. But that "wrong" person prepared us for the "right" one.        

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