The girl in love
Kristelle | 19 | asian | in love
I dream of filling the world with strawberries. I'm a quiet girl but once you get to know me I'm a fun loving girl who loves to laugh. I love dancing and playing video games. I'm fond of eating, eating and eating. I'm still a girl inside a womanly body. I am an unretired internet addict.

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strawberries, dancing, hello kitty, manga, anime, fashion, gummy worms, gummy bears, skittles, mickey mouse, combos, chocolates, music, nail polish, summer, beach, city lights, friends, family, boyfriend, FOOD, good books, bb creams, night out, yogurt, mozarella, fruits, veggies, romantic movies, water, tea, LOVE, blogging, cappucino, clothes, pink, doll shoes, stuff animals, stickers.


Nintendo DS
Louis vuitton bag
Polaroid camera
Visit Paris & Disney land
Hello Kitty headset
New converse shoes
New swin suit
Hello Kitty Tote bag
Adidas Jeremy Scott Doll shoes


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Love of my life
Saturday, August 20, 2011

I love it when you... steal kisses from me, give me your shirt when I’m cold, let me style your hair, share your food and drinks with me, smile when we make eye contact, smile after you kiss me, hug me from behind, play basketball with me, hold my hand, kiss my forehead, smell my hair while i’m in your arms, buy me ice cream, text me first, rub my thumb while holding hands, hold my hand without asking, give me surprises, surprise me with flowers, whisper to me during a hug, make me laugh even if I’m in a bad mood, tell your friends “i’m going to marry this girl!,” say “lets not fight anymore,” don’t want to let go of my hand, act stupid just to make me laugh, stare at my face while I’m not looking, tell me i’m pretty when I know I’m not, send good morning and good night texts, call just to say you love me, put up a status on facebook for me, share stories to your friends about me, ask my opinion or permission before doing something, think about our life together in the future, say “ouch!” when i bite your lips, walk me home, kiss me when i’m talking, call me “my love,” show me off like a trophy, buy me snacks when i’m hungry, make me feel I complete you. I love you so much my love.

             we fall in love with the wrong person. But that "wrong" person prepared us for the "right" one.        

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